Breast Lift: A popular but complex procedure

A breast lift is also known as a mastopexy. The breast lift is becoming more and more popular among  breast augmentation patients. Breast lifts are a fairly common today, but they are a complex procedure. The breast lift is a surgical breast enhancement procedure in which the sagging breasts are raised and
reshaped. The insertion of breast implants is not required during the breast lift. This will just depend on the needs of the patient and her anatomical features.

Consultation Visit
Before any breast lift surgery is done, the patient must have a consultation visit with the plastic surgeon. During the consultation, the surgeon will take measurements of the patient’s breast area. Also, the surgeon and patient will discuss the desired shape and size of the breasts, the new position of the nipples
after surgery, and answer any questions that the patient may have.

Breast Lift Procedure
Generally, breast lift surgeries can be performed while the patient is awake and under local anesthesia or asleep and under general anesthesia. Furthermore, the surgery can be performed in the doctor’s office surgical suite or in a hospital. The typical length of any breast lift surgery is between two hours and three-
and-a-half hours. After surgery heavy lifting and any strenuous activity should be avoided for several days to allow for full recovery.

Preparing For A Breast Lift
When interested in undergoing any plastic surgery or procedure, including a breast lift, it is essential that patients research the process, aftereffects, and any potential complications. Part of this research should include researching the different plastic surgery centers and doctors. Usually, based on area or state,
there will be medical directories offering such information such as all contact and credential information on Georgia breast lift centers and Atlanta breast lift centers.

Usually, the larger the state, the more plastic surgery centers it will have. For example, in California, a potential patient could choose an Orange county breast lift center, a Newport Beach breast lift center, a NYC breast lift center, or even a Beverly Hills breast lift center. For those plastic surgery patients in the
NYC area, they can choose from several NYC breast lift centers including providers of breast lifts in Fort Worth and centers for breast lifts in Dallas. Also, while many patients may not consider Utah as a hub for plastic surgery, it does have several renowned surgeons. Some of the Utah breast lift centers are
exceptional, especially, the St. George breast lift center.

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